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Global GAP
GLOBAL GAP Certified

Berrydale Foods follows Global GAP standards for the listed products

GI Tagged Alphonso Mangoes

Alphonso Mangoes cultivated at our farms are Geographical Indication Tagged. We are one of the very few exporters who have GI Tag authorization to cultivate, buy and sell Alphonso mangoes.

what we export?

We export fresh vegetables like Chilies, Onions, Yams, Capsicum, Gourds and other vegetables and fruits like Mango, Banana, Grapes and Pomegranate.

Our Markets
We have been exporting Mangoes of Alphonso, Banganpalli, Kesar, Chinna Rasalu, Cheruku Rasalu and Himam Pasand to USA regularly
Japan - Mangoes
Japan has been our most transacted countries. Berrydale Foods have exported Fresh Vegetables and Mangoes to Japan. Most preferred mangoes in Japan are Kesar and Alphonso.
Berrydale Foods have exported fresh Kesar and Banganpalli Mangoes to Australia. This is relatively a new market compared other markets.
Berrydale Foods have been exported it's product to Singapore since 2021. We have tied up with an Indian-based entrepreneur in Singapore to enable online delivery system.

Avocado – Imported

250.00 per piece

Hass Avocado are imported from New Zealand. These are premium quality Avocado. Hass avocados have a higher oil percentage (usually around 18 percent) making the texture more creamy. Hass avocados are most preferred across the globe.

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