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Most underrated Indian Mangoes

    • Banganpalli, Banginapalli, Benishan
      Indian Mangoes – Banganpalli
      Banganapalli Banganpalli, also recognized as Benishan or Safeda or Banginapali, is popular in the southern part of India, particularly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Known for their sweet flavor and high sugar content, Banginapalli or Banganpalli mangoes have juicy and fiberless flesh. These mangoes typically exhibit a large size, with golden-yellow skin and a blush of red on the shoulders. Berrydale Foods exports these mangoes to the USA in large volumes.

    • ImamaPasand / Humayun Pasand / Hima pasand / Himayath Pasand: Also called Himayath, Himampasand, or Himayuddin, this mango is grown in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, especially in Chitoor district. Himayath mangoes are well-known for their exceptional sweetness, often likened to Alphonso and Banganpalli mangoes. The flesh of Himayath mangoes is smooth, juicy, and fiberless, with a size ranging from medium to large and a golden-yellow color. Notably, this mango is sweet even before it fully ripens, making it a popular choice in various culinary foods.

    • Nuziveedu Cheruku Rasalu: These are another variety of Rasalu. Comparatively longer than normal Rasalu, they grow in Nuziveedu or Nuzividu of Andhra Pradesh. These mangoes are juicy and extremely sweet. The kernel inside the mango is very thin. We cannot cut these mangoes like Banginapalli; instead, we have to suck the juice from them. The juice of these mangoes is as sweet as sugarcane juice, hence the name.

    • Rasalu: Rasalu, alternatively named Rasbhari or Rasgulla, represents a mango variety predominantly cultivated in the region of Andhra Pradesh, India. These mangoes, known for their high sweetness and juiciness, come in varying sizes, ranging from medium to large, and feature golden-yellow skin. Rasalu mangoes find applications in the preparation of pickles, smoothies, desserts, salads, and mango rice.

    • Suvarna Rekha: Similar to Miyasaki mangoes, farmers on the east coast of Andhra Pradesh, particularly in places like Vishakapatnam or Vizag, grow Suvarna Rekha mangoes, which are red in color. Suvarna Rekha mangoes, known for their delicious taste and sweetness and often compared to Alphonso, are widely exported to South Korea. This medium-sized mango is referred to as Sundari in North India and as Latsundri in Odisha.

    • Malgova or Malgoba: Typically cultivated in the southern part of India, specifically in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, this mango variety known as Malgova or Malgoba is renowned for its sweetness and rich flavor. The fragrance is typically fruity. Malgova or Malgoba mangoes boast a juicy and tender flesh with a smooth texture. Generally, they are of medium to large size and have a greenish-yellow skin. While commonly consumed fresh, their sweet and aromatic qualities also make Malgova mangoes suitable for juices or desserts.

    • Neelam: Known for their sweet and mildly tangy flavor, Neelam mangoes offer a pleasant sweetness that is not as intense as Alphonso mangoes. These mangoes typically emit a sweet and fruity aroma, enhancing the overall eating experience. The flesh of Neelam mangoes is juicy and smooth, with a texture that is generally less fibrous compared to some other varieties. Medium-sized with bright yellow skin, Neelam mangoes are enjoyed fresh, sliced, or utilized in various culinary applications such as salads, chutneys, or desserts.

    • Mallika Mango: The Mallika mango, a hybrid variety developed in India, is celebrated for its delicious taste. It is known for being typically very sweet, a characteristic that makes it a favorite among mango enthusiasts. The sweetness is balanced and not overwhelmingly sugary. Mallika mangoes have juicy and succulent flesh, providing an enjoyable eating experience. Described as a well-balanced fruit, their flavor profile is often a mix of sweetness with a hint of tanginess, adding depth to the overall taste.

    • Raspuri Mangoes: Raspuri mangoes, a popular variety grown in the southern parts of India, especially in Karnataka around Bengaluru, Ramanagara, Kolar, Chikkaballapura, and Tumkur, are also known as sweet mangoes. These mangoes boast a smooth and non-fibrous texture, with juicy and tender flesh that provides a delightful eating experience. Characterized by a rich sweetness with mild to moderate tartness, the flavor profile of Raspuri mangoes contributes to their well-rounded taste. Their fruity fragrance is enticing and characteristic of high-quality mangoes.

    • Chaunsa / Chausa mango: Grown in North India, Chaunsa mangoes have a smooth, non-fibrous texture, with juicy and tender flesh that melts in the mouth, creating a delightful eating experience. Characterized by a perfect balance of sweetness and slight tartness, Chaunsa mangoes are renowned for their exceptionally sweet flavor, often described as rich, intense, and tropical. Many mango enthusiasts consider Chaunsa mangoes to be among the sweetest varieties available.

    • Langra Mango: Primarily cultivated in Banaras, Northern India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, Langra mangoes are recognized for their distinctive slightly flattened shape. This late-season variety is usually available from July to August. Known for their sweet taste, Langra mangoes offer a moderate to high level of sweetness, appreciated for their delectable flavor. With a smooth and non-fibrous texture, the mangoes have juicy and tender flesh, providing a satisfying mouthfeel. The fruit’s fragrance contributes to its overall appeal.

    • Dasheri mango: Dasheri mangoes are a sweet and fragrant variety grown in North India, the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, Nepal, and Pakistan, particularly in Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh. They are renowned for being one of the sweetest mango varieties with a strong and fruity aroma. The pleasant fragrance enhances the overall sensory experience, contributing to why these mangoes are highly prized. Dasheri mangoes have a flavor profile characterized by a perfect balance of sweetness and a hint of tanginess, often described as having a rich and unique taste.

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