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Himayat Mangoes

HIMAYAT Mango - A favourite mango of Imam

India grows and gains fame for Himayat or Hima Pasand mangoes, which people know as the “King of Mangoes.” People cherish these mangoes for their exceptional flavor, sweet aroma, and delectable taste. Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh grows Himam Pasand (Himampasand) or Imam pasand (Imampasand) mangoes and is near Tamil Nadu.

Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh is famous for its successful agriculture, particularly mango farming. Chittoor is ideal for growing various types of mangoes. This includes the popular variety of mango – Himam mangoes. The reason for this is its favorable climate, soil, and location.

People recognize the Himam Pasand mango for its special taste and pleasant smell; they also refer to it as the “Delight of the Mother.” A true mango lover who loves Alphonso mango (distinct citrus) would love Himam Pasand mango.

The mango imam pasand is of medium to large size, typically weighing between 400 to 750 grams in weight. When fully ripe, it showcases an elliptical shape and exhibits a bright green to yellowish-green skin. The flesh of the mango is golden-yellow, free from fibers, and delightfully sweet. Eating a Himam Pasand mango gives you a delightful mix of sweet and tangy flavors, which is why mango lovers adore its unique taste.

Chittoor’s climate plays a significant role in the successful cultivation of Himam Pasand mangoes. The area has a hot and dry climate that is important for mangoes to grow and ripen. The monsoon season, which typically occurs between June and September, provides the necessary moisture for mango trees. This combination of factors creates an ideal environment for mango cultivation, resulting in high-quality fruits.

Being close by makes it easy to transport Himam Pasand mangoes to different parts of the region, including Tamil Nadu. This accessibility means that people in Tamil Nadu can easily find and enjoy these tasty mangoes, which has made them quite popular in the state. As a result, many people there prefer this fruit.

The process of growing Himam Pasand mangoes is a meticulous and labor-intensive one. Farmers in Chittoor district carefully tend to mango orchards to ensure a plentiful harvest. To keep mango trees healthy, people often water them properly, trim them regularly, and use organic or chemical fertilizers. These efforts are important to make sure that Himam Pasand mangoes have the delicious taste and smell they are famous for.

In Chittoor district, mango season usually spans from mid-April to July, depending on the weather. This is when mango lovers can pick and enjoy the ripe fruits straight from the trees. The harvest season is an exciting time for both farmers and consumers as it brings this delicious fruit to our tables.

Himam Pasand mangoes from Chittoor district are popular locally and globally due to high demand in markets. Their unique flavor, delightful aroma, and careful cultivation by local farmers make them a top choice for mango enthusiasts.

The ideal conditions, hard work of farmers, and natural flavors make Himam Pasand mangoes beloved locally and globally. Whether fresh or in dishes like juices or desserts, they truly live up to their name, “Delight of the Mother.”

Berrydale Foods located in Mumbai exports mangoes to USA regularly.

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