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Alphonso Mangoes

200.00 per Kg

  • G.I Tagged authentic Alphonso Mangoes
  • Packed and dispatched from Farm
  • Cultivated using organic fertilizers
  • Global GAP certified
  • Exported to Japan, USA, South Korea, Australia and Singapore


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G.I. Tagged and Global GAP certified Alphonso mangoes are highly valued for their quality and authenticity. The fact that they are pesticide-free and carbide-free adds to their appeal, as it ensures a healthier and safer product.

Exporting these mangoes to countries like Japan, the US, Australia, South Korea, and Singapore indicates their popularity and demand in international markets. It’s impressive that Berrydale Farm mangoes have gained recognition for their taste worldwide.

Cultivating mangoes using fertilizers such as vermi compost, jeev amrut, and panchagavya demonstrates an organic and sustainable approach. Feeding the Gir cows organically and utilizing their manure as fertilizer further emphasizes the farm’s commitment to organic practices.

Overall, Berrydale Farm seems to have a comprehensive and eco-friendly approach to mango cultivation, which can contribute to the production of high-quality mangoes enjoyed by consumers worldwide.


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