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Incepted in 2018, Berrydale Foods embarked upon a journey to provide untainted, organically-sourced nourishment. We fervently hold that consuming wholesome fare bolsters not only physical, but also mental well-being.

In its embryonic phase, Berrydale Foods valiantly undertook the task of exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to Japan in 2019. The enterprise surpassed the rigorous quality standards established by the Japanese Plant Quarantine Department, setting a precedent for exemplary quality, both domestically and internationally.

Situated approximately 60 kilometers from Mumbai Airport and 40 kilometers from the sea port, Berrydale Foods boasts a 27-acre expanse that facilitates expeditious delivery of freshly harvested produce to global and local markets.

Our innovative initiative, Green-Thumb, cordially invites individuals to participate in the cultivation of diverse flora and fauna within the verdant grounds of Berrydale Farms. Moreover, our Tree-to-Bag venture encourages visitors to handpick seasonally available fruits straight from the source, transporting nature’s bounty directly to their homes.

As staunch advocates of healthful dietary habits, our mission is to engage a congregation of kindred spirits in the enriching practice of sustainable agriculture.

Why choose our farm?
Eat More Healthfully.
Obtaining the recommended daily fruits and vegetables.
As fresh at it can get
Straight from the farm, you have the option to even pluck your own fruits and veggies!
Fresh & Pesticide Free.
We deliver organic pesticide-free and sustainably-grown produce.
No Commitment Required.
We requires no commitment and allows you to cancel or suspend deliveries.
Choose the delivery frequency that best fits your needs.
Customize your standard delivery to exclude items you do not want.
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